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Buy Miniature Danish Butter Cookies Online

Butter cookies are one type of food that can be enjoyed at any time both when relaxed and when busy. These butter cookies can also be enjoyed while enjoying tea or other types of drinks. Currently there are quite a number of brand butter cookies on the market. One of them is danisa. Danisa itself is one brand of butter cookies that is quite well known in many countries. Butter cookies that use the original recipes from Denmark are available in a variety of flavors and variants namely Traditional Butter Cookies, Choco Cashew Cookies, and Currant Butter Cookies.
Not just a matter of taste that varies, danisa butter cookies also have variations in the shape and size of these cookies. One example is the miniature danish butter cookies which is a mini version of danisa butter cookies.
As a mini version of course these miniature danish butter cookies have smaller sizes both cookies and cans. This mini version of Danisa has a size ratio of 1 to 6 with the original. Or in other words the siz…